We have a winner.

This is our last installment of “what shade of grey should we paint our bedroom.”  Thank goodness.  This saga has lasted a lot longer than we wanted.  A lot longer.

This time, we turned to the experts: Pottery Barn.  We picked a shade of grey from Pottery Barn’s Benjamin Moore color wheel. They had one grey (called “Stonington Gray”) that looked like our cup of tea shade of grey.  You caught a glimpse of that paint swatch in our last post:

Krister wasn’t so sure about it (he thought it looked too “muddy” – brown).  Kristin figured that every paint swatch that was ever on that wall looked terrible, so we might as well just try one out.  So, we painted the whole bedroom Stonington Gray.  We love it.

Okay, that picture makes it look like it’s still blue.  We promise, it’s grey (the picture does show how not-brown it is at least).  Here’s another picture that gives you an idea of how big the change really was.  You can see how blue the Iced Cube Silver is relative to the Stonington Gray.  Stonington Gray is much more what we were going for:

We also love that we don’t have to repaint AGAIN.  Oh, did we mention how happy we are that we’re done painting?  All. Done. Painting. (well, not really: still have to paint the trim and basically every other room in our house.)

Our bedroom still has a long way to go (obviously).  Here’s what we want to update:

  • window treatments (you can see that we took down the old window treatments – more on those later!)
  • shades (the existing shades are broken and dirty and don’t actually open properly)
  • ceiling (it’s “textured” and we want to smooth it out)
  • wood floor (there is hard wood underneath the carpet)
  • add a plush rug to keep our feet warm in the winter
  • paint moldings White Chocolate to match the rest of the house
  • update moldings to match the new ones we installed downstairs
  • add crown molding
  • replace/reorganize furniture
  • buy a duvet cover for our comforter
  • new lighting solutions
  • add a wall of pictures in bedroom entrance
  • mirror (we’re not sure what, but we want to do something fun with the mirror on the wall next to our master bathroom)
  • replace outlets/light switches with white ones

That’s where we are for now.  A long way from finished – and that’s not even touching on the plans we have for the master bathroom.  But we won a small battle with that paint and we can’t wait to get on to our next master bedroom project!

2 thoughts on “We have a winner.

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