The Greatest Grey

So, as we mentioned in our inspiration post about our bedroom, we want our bedroom to focus on shades of grey and white with metallic accents.

Our first step was decidedly to pick a paint color.  We will do Benjamin Moore’s White Chocolate for the trim, which is the same color we are using for all of the moldings in the rest of the house.  For the wall color, we wanted a soft grey because the room has low ceilings and minimizing the contrast in the room would make it feel bigger.

So, we went over to our local Benjamin Moore store to pick up some samples.  We also had a couple colors in mind (for example, moonshine from Young House Love’s shout-outs), so we had those mixed up too.

Then we put them up way too many paint samples on the wall.  Within an hour we realized that NONE of those colors would work at all.  They were either too blue or too brown.  Not at all like what we wanted.

(By the way, even though the picture doesn’t show it – the current wall color is pink.  Not peach/orange, but pink.)

So, we went back and carefully selected some greys that had no traces of brown or blue in them.  We’re talking the grey that is just black and white.  Nothing else.  And…. FAIL.  The colors were still very blue in our bedroom. 

A day or two later, we noticed one sample that we missed (Iced Cube Silver).  We threw it on the wall, without any hope of it working.  We literally decided to just put it up because we had it.  Isn’t it funny how when you’re least expecting it, things work out?  Well, Iced Cube Silver was a success!  FINALLY we found a grey we liked! 

But wait…  we put it on another wall and it was blue like the others.  ugh.

Then, we looked in the mirror, just above our first sample of Iced Cube Silver and thought that the colors themselves (not just the impression of the colors) looked very different.  As in, they looked like two different colors on two different walls (Iced Cube Silver is (1) the color below the mirror and (2) the color in the mirror in the middle of the bottom row – the swatch that looks bright blue).

That’s when it dawned on us.  They were two different colors.

You see, while we were putting up paint samples, Krister had been prepping some of the walls for paint (i.e. spackling in some holes…  have we mentioned that Krister is obsessed with spackling?).  When he was done, he covered the spackle with primer to make sure the grey color was consistent, not splotchy, later down the road.

Yep, you guessed it, we consider ourselves expert pretty good painters but we made a rookie mistake: we didn’t prime the walls.  We actually very rarely prime the walls, since we have found that Benjamin Moore’s paints are so amazing that we don’t need to prime the walls first.  Well, this time we were wrong.

It turned out that the pink color was shining through our pretty greys and really messing with them.  So, we went back, put up some primer and threw up more paint swatches.  And we decided that Iced Cube Silver was still the way to go.

We haven’t painted the room yet, but you can bet we primed every inch of the room with Kilz (the advanced kind that’s supposed to cover everything…  we aren’t taking any chances).

We’ll update you as soon as the color is up on the walls! 

P.S.  If you’re wondering how we kept track of all of our paint swatches, the answer is we labeled them.  We wrote the name of the color in pencil next to the swatch and erased it before we put the primer up.  Here’s a not-very-good picture:

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