Hello, Mr. Master

In anticipation of having our house appraised last week, we finished a lot of the small projects around the house (mostly molding and painting projects).  Now we’re on par to start our bedroom…. which is in desperate neeed of upgrading.

Our bedroom is pink.  Not really our style.  Our plan is to paint it grey.  We’re trying to get some inspiration about making it look amazing with sharp whites and silvers to dress it up.  Here are some pictures that are inspiring us right now:

Looking at our inspiration images, we’ve noticed that we put a few light yellows in there.  It was unintentional, but we like our instincts.  Since the hall and living room have light yellow walls, it might be nice to pull in a few punches of light yellow into the room to tie the house together. 

PS:  That inspiration board above is actually just a screen shot of Kristin’s Pinterest page.   Pinterest lets you take images you find anywhere in the web and save them in one spot…  kind of a virtual version of cutting pictures out of a magazine and putting them in a scrapbook.  Kristin recently became obsessed with Pinterest and spends all of her free time playing with it.

PPS: Did you notice that we’re back in black?  After several of you commented about how you missed the black backdrop, we switched the website back to black.  We still have the new format with easy access to each room, but no more white.

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