Were the animals marching two-by-two?

That’s a reference to Noah.  And his ark.  We like to think about the two doxies that boarded the ship and how the pups chased the cats and squirrels around the boat.  Anyway, as all of you east-coasters know all too well, a hurricane hit our area in August.  Most of the rain (and an earthquake, apparently) came down while we were away in Spain…  the rain in Spain fell mostly on the east coast of the US.  But we just had to walk around our yard when we got back to spot some evidence of the multitude of natural disasters that took place while we were away.

Yeah, we’re posting about the earthquake and Hurricane Irene a MONTH after they happened.  We have to tell you: this post is going to be very anticlimactic.  We had almost no damage.  Just a little.

Most importantly, as we mentioned here, our someday-patio held up (we stopped calling it our future patio because with all the rain, we’re wondering weather whether it’ll ever be finished!):

We couldn’t be happier about how well things held up.  This means that our retaining wall shouldn’t have to do too much retaining.  We were very worried that our retaining wall would have to be strong enough to hold up the whole mountain behind our house.  Tolerating all of the nasty weather suggests that the hill can pretty much fend for itself.

As if that weren’t good news enough….  we didn’t get any water in our porch.  And no dirt on the existing patio.  woohoo!  Hopefully that means that all of our digging is helping direct the water away from our house.  Here’s hoping anyway.

Now, the little damage we did see was from all the water.  An improvised retaining wall along the side of our stream crashed down (and some of it floated down into our neighbors yard):

The water must have run off the road and into our stream:

The only flooding that lasted until we came home was in the front yard, close to the stream.

We think that the ground was so saturated that essentially water is coming out of the hill, on which the neighbor’s house is built.  It doesn’t affect any of our house (even our basement is on higher ground).

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