We Win.

Most of you have probably heard about the crazy flooding around Philly.  It took us three hours to get to work yesterday because every major road between here and Center City was flooded.  But one place hasn’t flooded: OUR PORCH!!!

You may recall that we had tremendous flooding issues in the spring.  Water was traveling down the hill behind our house, puddling in front of our porch, and leaking in through the wall (you remember, the place that looked like a door but wasn’t).

Well, Krister’s door installation seems to have fixed the problem.  After he put the door in, he sealed up every hole around the door that he could find.  It worked (mostly).  We still have a few small leaks throughout the porch, but no river running through it like last year.  And if there was ever going to be a river, it would’ve been now.

Oh, and the porch isn’t the only thing holding up through all this rain.  Our future patio is holding up well too!  We though we would have returned from Spain to discover that Hurricane Irene had eroded the hill enough that we would have to start over.  But we are so lucky – it doesn’t look like one speck of dirt moved from where we left it.

Of course, the ground is so wet that it’s going to be a while before we can finish up the digging…

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