A Picture is Worth One Thousand Words

In the case of your baby’s first painting, a picture is priceless.

Way back in May, Kasen got together with his lady friend, June, to practice their fingerpainting skills. (If you want to see those adorable pics, click here.)  Today, we finally got around to showcasing his art. 

We are all about our baby (if you read this blog, you know that already) but we just aren’t into baby clutter.  So, we opted for framing Kasen’s masterpiece instead of sticking it to the fridge with a magnet.  We invested in a “storage frame” from Target:

The frame lets you switch out pictures easily and keep the others hidden behind it.  So, we labelled the picture with the date when it was made and popped it in the frame.

We already had a plan on where to stick it: in the kitchen.  We picked out the spot awhile ago, but didn’t have a lovely picture to display.  We temporarily put the fourth picture we got with the pictures hanging on our living room feature wall:

Now, with Kasen’s work of art, the same view looks like this:

We do want to point out that the pictures make the orange paint in our kitchen look extra-orange, but in real life it’s not so bright.

And here’s a view of the inside of the frame (storage is on the right):

Just because we are giving you a very detailed analysis of the picture frame, here’s another before & after view:



We really like the sophisticated look of the framed baby painting.  The frame is a little smaller than the picture that was there before it, but we think it still fits the wall quite nicely.  If we change our minds, it might relocate into the living room somewhere.  You also might notice that a few weeks back we touched up the paint around the molding, a job we’d been putting off since before Kasen was born. 

Well, that’s about 700 words short of a thousand.  We can hear your sigh of relief from here.   Now, stay tuned to see how much progress we make on the patio this weekend (we’re hoping it’s a lot).

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