What’s flowering now? (July edition)

‘Tis the season for Hydrangeas!  Our hydrangeas have more flowers on them than we can count. Each flower that pops is bolder and brighter than the last, thanks to Krister’s application of fertilizer early in the spring.  We have the best looking hydrangeas in the neighborhood.

Looking down our driveway:

But the biggest surprise of the month was not the hydrangeas.  It was our huge rhododendron in the front.  Last year, the front yard rhody didn’t bloom at all.  Instead, it mourned the loss of the former owners of our house and shed all of its buds without giving us even one flower.

This year, we thought we might have the same problem.  The rhody in the backyard bloomed extensively in May, but the front-yard rhody showed no interest.  Then, about a week ago, after the backyard rhody passed, the front yard was graced with a bountiful crop of large pink flowers!

We probably won’t update you again until the fall (last year, August was simply green and would be pretty boring).

2 thoughts on “What’s flowering now? (July edition)

  1. I love hydrangeas – one of my favorite flowers. Perfect for a simple tabletop bouquet because the blooms are so full.

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