It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

The bugs tried to keep us down this weekend, but we are even more persistent than mosquitos. (Is that even possible?)  We are having flashbacks to the many weekends we spent taking down wallpaper in Kasen’s room.  Okay, it’s not actually that bad.

As a refresher, here is what our backyard area looked like before we started digging:

Today, it looks like this:

Another view:

We still have a lot of digging to do.  We want the patio to extend farther into the hill (where the pots are holding the dirt back), but we are flexible about how far back we go.  In other words, if we find that the dirt is too rocky, we will make the patio a little smaller.

Regardless of how far into the hill we build, we still have more digging to do behind the greenhouse.  The patio will extend behind the greenhouse and that area has not been dug out yet.  We have finished digging the dirt out of a significant part of the patio-to-be though!

We are both looking forward to the day when we can do the fun stuff (build the retaining wall and put down the patio).  Kasen is looking forward to playing on the patio instead of being confined to his Peapod:

(Seriously, he loves it in there.  He’ll be sleeping in that on our trip to Spain!)

During our quick-go-inside-the-bugs-are-waging-war-on-us breaks, we took on a couple small projects, like replacing our broken outdoor light timer and preparing to replace the shocks and coil springs in the Benz.  Otherwise, it was a nice low-key weekend!

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