Our To-Done List

We had an incredibly productive weekend, thanks to glorious weather and an absence of events!  As a result, we scratched a lot off our to-do list:

  • replace a dead azalea with a pretty rose bush to spice up the entry walk
  • spread a ton – literally – of top soil in the yard where only moss grows and top it off with grass seed
  • mow the lawn (the grass was taller than Gigi thanks to not cutting it back with all the rainy weekends)
  • destroy an old rotting armoir the previous owners left in the garage
  • fill in a sinkhole in the driveway
  • buy and plant some annuals annuals and perennials (and grab a hanging basket) for the unoccupied pots and gardens around the front yard
  • run a 10-mile road race (well, Kristin and Uncle Dan ran while Krister worked and Bapcia and Kasen cheered)
  • clean out the gutters
  • prop up the bamboo and cut back the stalks that didn’t survive the snow this winter
  • sweep the patio
  • trim the shrubs in our side yard
  • get Kasen and his stuff ready for day care

Phew!  Here are the details on a few of the projects…


Our list of things that aren’t cool includes our driveway randomly caving in to reveal a massive hole.  To give yu an idea on size, the orange blip in the hole is a pair of scissors.  The hole is already partially filled with stone when this picture was taken.

First we filled the hole with stone – the cheapest stone that HD sells. 

Then Krister topped it off with some concrete.

Once the concrete is dry enough, Krister will add an asphalt patch to match the rest of the driveway.

Yard Clean-up

We tackled a bunch of projects in the yard this weekend.

First, the lawn.  Krister has been filling in our rock-filled, moss-growing”soil” with a rich top soil and planting grass seed.  He started with a tree in the front, but over the weekend he distributed dirt and see to several other sections of our lawn. The grass is actually starting to grow under the tree. 

Here’s a picture of the tree after the dirt and seed were applied but before any growth.

…and now the grass is sprouting!

Meanwhile, Kristin was planting some annuals and perennials in the gardens around the front yard.  Just filling in a few holes with some nice cut flowers – peonies and roses!  Here is a picture of some of the annuals and a couple buds on the peonies.

Krister also tied up the bamboo that fell during the heavy snows this winter.  The bamboo is HUGE!  Krister looks tiny compared to the brush in this photo:


You all know that we’ve been working on the patio project.  During her last week of maternity leave, Kristin was able to clear off the patio (with the help of Prudence!) and cut down all of the ugly shrub except the stump.  Over the weekend, we were even able to get the ugly shrub ‘s stump out of our way! 



Broad Street Run

Kristin and Uncle Dan ran the Broad Street Run, a 10-mile jog through Philadelphia.  We had a great time and beautiful weather!

Overall, it was a very busy weekend!  We got a lot done.  Now we BOTH head off to work tomorrow and Kasen will be at day care for the first time…

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