Last Two Weeks of Maternity Leave

Well, I’m heading back to work soon – only two weeks left of maternity leave!  I am honestly looking forward to my return to work…  I need to interact with more adults.  I will be heading back on a 60% schedule, which means I’ll still have plenty of time to spend with our little guy.  [I’m taking this opportunity to insert a cute picture of Kasen with Gigi here.]

Still, for the last two weeks (last week and next week), I’m trying to make the most of Kasen’s naps so I’ve been trying to get started on our patio project. The patio project is a key part in stopping the river running through our porch because we need to redirect water flowing down the hill behind our house.  The plan is to put in some version of a french drain that allows the water to flow around the porch.

We also have a plan to make the patio larger & more functional.  Specifically, we’re going to pull out the shrub (in the middle of the picture below) and the grass and extend the patio out to the greenhouse (n the back right of the picture below).

Before we can get to that, I’ve been clearing out all of the dirt off the existing patio, which came down the hill with the rain water this year.  There is a lot of it.  A Whole Lot.  More than I can clear out in a week (courtesy of Kasen’s new all-too-short napping schedule, thanks to the pediatrician’s recommendation to wean Kasen off his pacifier).

 Gigi has been helping by watching for squirrels.

I hope to get rid of the shrub before returning to work, but I’m not optimistic.  We will keep you posted on our progress as the summer progresses…

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