Things I Wish I Had Known Before Destroying a Glass Door

During Kasen’s nap today, I attempted to destroy a glass door that we removed a couple weeks ago.

  1. Putting 2 plastic bags down under the door to catch the glass is a good idea.  3 is a much better idea.
  2. Glass is much harder to break than one might expect.  Using scissors won’t work.  Neither will jumping on it (even with the post-partum weight).  An axe will work.
  3. An aluminum door frame is even harder to destroy.  Taking the glass out of the door is only the first step. (PS: Haven’t figured out how to break down the frame, so it’s just sitting in our front yard.  Classy.)
  4. Putting towels on top of the glass will prevent the glass from spraying in your eyes, but use towels you don’t want to keep becuase those towels will be covered in shards of glass when you’re done.
  5. Destroy the glass on the lawn so the pieces won’t be strewn all over the driveway.  P.S.  If you’re coming to visit us any time soon, you might decide to park in the street.
  6. Don’t wear flip flops.  Just trust me.
  7. Everything within 5 feet of the destruction site will be covered in glass.
  8. The baby will almost certainly wake up when you are covered in glass, holding the door frame, and trying not to cut yourself.

2 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Had Known Before Destroying a Glass Door

  1. And the door couldn’t just b put on the curb for pick-up because….?
    A) it was way more fun this way
    B) you’re hard up for blog material
    C) the weekend off made you realize how stir-crazy you really are
    D) cross training

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