Kristin’s Birthday Present

Issues with our porch: (1) a river flows through it during rain storms; (2) we have a back patio, but no door leading out to it; and (3) it echos.  For Kristin’s birthday, Krister fixed all three problems.

The primary problem was associated with a place where there should have been a door to a patio, but there was no door:

Yep, it looks like a door, but it doesn’t have hinges.  And water coming down the backyard hill flows under the non-door.  Solution?  Add a door.

Not only does this open up our patio for grilling this summer, but we will be able to work on expanding the patio area to make it friendlier for relaxing.  More on that as we get to it! 

The new door seems to be working – it survived a few rain storms already!  Now, as for the echoing, we just needed to put some furniture out on the porch.  Krister got Kristin a furniture set as part of her birthday present.  Here’s a good old-fashioned before & after:



The second “after” view isn’t that great, obviously.  We still have a lot of tools out as Krister finishes installing the door.  Eventually, that tool area will house a nice plant display.

The best news is that the porch doesn’t echo any more.  And it feels much more like space we can use.  We’ll probably get even more use out of it as we finish out the patio…  hopefully this summer!  Stay tuned…

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