Thermostat Update

We promised you a picture of our thermostat-free wall when we were done spackling it. (Here’s our original post about the thermostat.)   We should’ve warned you that it might take a little longer than you may have expected.  Krister is obsessed with spackle and, when given the opportunity to spackle, he will take advantage.  Let’s just say we had to buy more spackle to finish the job.

On that note, we ended up getting low-dust spackle.  We highly recommend it.  Although the spackle clogs up the sanding block pretty quickly, the amount of spackle dust is reduced a lot (it still piles up at the bottom of the wall, but it doesn’t get all over the room).

Enough about spackle.  Here is a picture of the wall before we moved the thermostat:

And, after the repair:

And a view from the front door of how awesome the wall looks now that pictures are hanging from it instead of a thermostat:

(Maybe we should’ve cleaned up a bit before the photos.)

So now our living room is looking pretty smooth.  Yeah, that’s a spackle joke.

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