We can write a whole post about a thermostat.

Not only can we, but we will.

We’re pretty sure that the thermostat in our living room was left over from when the house was built in 1960.  It just wasn’t cutting it for us, as lovers of technology, so we upgraded to a thermostat with a  touch screen shortly after we moved in.  It has all the features you could want with 7-day schedules and probably a lot of other things we don’t know how to use yet.  We’re not great with editing photos yet, but hopefully you can see the blue arrow pointing to the old thermostat in this picture:

As much as we love our new thermostat, we did not want it to be the feature of our feature wall in the living room.  Unfortunately, it was, so we moved it. 

The thermostat’s new home is in the kitchen.  We tucked it away next to the cabinets on a wall that couldn’t really be used for anything else.  We couldn’t be happier with its new placement.

After the spackle dries, we’ll show you a few pics of how much awesomer the living room’s feature wall looks without a thermostat on it.

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