The Great Clean-up

Okay, well, it isn’t that great.  But it felt great to finish.  Let me back up.

Our guest room / office / craft area / library / general storage area was a mess.  We put all the crap treasured belongings we didn’t know what to do with upstairs where only our overnight guests would see them.  Then we remembered, we probably didn’t want everyone to see how messy we really are.

So how messy were we?  So messy!

… and we don’t want to forget this big pile of stuff:

But not any more!  The guest room now featuires a fully visible floor and functioning shelves. 

Here is a quick summary of everything we did:

  • Cleaned off the top of the twin bed
  • Moved the comforters and pillows into a chest in our bedroom (thanks to Sophie for her brilliant idea to use Space Bags)
  • Reorganized the hanging files, archiving many of them to a new filing cabinet in a closet
  • Filed Krister’s medical school notes
  • Sorted our library of books by topic (legal, medical, reference, fun)
  • Moved a cabinet into the kitchen to store Kristin’s cookbooks (which were being stored in the study)
  • Found homes for the miscellaneous items that we unpacked back in June by putting them in a pile in the guest room and saying “we’ll figure out what to do with you later” (Turns out “later” is February)
  • Moved medical school supplies (e.g. stethoscope, which Krister doesn’t use regularly in his residency) and scrapbooking supplies into small bins that fit nicely on the built-ins
  • Stuffed Stored a couple of piles in a closet
  • Donated everything we weren’t using!  (We donated an overflowing large moving box full of miscellaneous stuff that we don’t need in our new house any more.)

And, without further ado, here is our clean guest room:

And, of course, some amazing filing:


Now that you’ve seen how fabulous it is (it’s also incredibly quiet for those of you looking for a good night’s sleep), you have to come visit!

2 thoughts on “The Great Clean-up

  1. Great job getting that guest bedroom tidied up! We’re happy to hear Space Bag was able to help you store those extra blankets and comforters. Congrats on getting your guest room organized!

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent

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