The Baby’s Room: Finally looking like a baby’s room

It’s official.  Seahorse is definitely going to have a safe living space when he arrives (any day now)!  Over the long weekend, Krister installed the carpet and baseboards and Kristin started assembling furniture.

A Photo Chronology of Our Progress

First, we removed the old carpeting.  We pulled it out in strips so it was easier to throw away.  We are reusing the carpet pad (since it wasn’t covered in wallpaper stripper), but spent a few minutes vacuuming the carpet pad with the shop vac. 

Next, we unrolled the carpet and trimmed down the excess.  We ordered a bunch of extra carpet so that we could carpet the closet (and make up for any of Kristin’s measuring mistakes).  The first cut was rough, then we fit it tighter.

Once the carpet was cut to the right size, Krister reattached the carpet to the previously installed tack strips.  The tack strips contain short nails (tacks) that are angled slightly toward the wall.  In order to attach the carpet to the tack strips, he used a “carpet kicker.”  The carpet kicker stretches the very edge of the carpet, so that it catches the tacks.  The kicker adds tension to the carpet (the carpet wants to pull toward the center of the room) so that it holds onto the tacks.  Here’s what the carpet looked like after it was kicked and attached to the tacks:

Most of the DIY instructions we read also recommended renting a power stretcher to stretch the carpet and prevent wrinkles in the future.  We decided not to do that (the previous carpet didn’t look like it was that tightly attached to the tacks and we can always stretch it later if we start to get wrinkles).  So, Krister installed the baseboards next.

The baseboard also helps hold the carpet down.  Finally, Kristin was able to unpack the baby’s room furniture!  She was extremely excited to start assembling furniture and putting away the baby clothes she washed.  First, she unpacked and assembled the bureau / changing table (the changing table actually is removable so the baby can continue using the bureau after he’s out of diapers!). 

Then she unpacked the crib and a few extras.  We went out and bought a glider this weekend (hello Black Friday sales!).  Of course, we had a slight issue with Babies’r’us actually giving us the sales price.  After two hours of negotiating, we finally got the glider for the advertised 50% off.  You can see the glider in the far right corner.

Although we don’t have any photos, Krister also installed a new door on the baby’s room.  The door is solid wood (not hollow like the door that predated it) and features a new knob.  We expect to replace most – if not all – of the doors and knobs in the house while we live there.

The room might look finished in this picture, but we still have a lot to do.  In the front of the room (next to the door where the photo was taken from), Krister is planning to install built-in shelves to house toys, books, and a small television.  The closet (just off to the right of the glider, outside of the photo’s frame) is completely unfinished.  We will install the closet carpeting, new shelves, and doors.  We also need to do some small touch-ups on the baseboard and moldings, as currently nails are still exposed from installation.  And, of course, we have all kinds of fun wall decorations.  But, if the baby arrives tomorrow, we’re ready for him!

(One last note – an apology for the blurry photos.  Kristin is still trying to learn how to work the camera on her phone while her regular camera is packed in the hospital bags.  Just squint a little and you’ll get the idea.)

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