What a difference an hour makes…

In addition to grocery shopping, laundry, a week’s worth of dishes, and buying new cell phones (hello technology!), we managed to squeeze in time to paint the baby’s room yesterday!  (Yes, that is in addition to the stuff we did on Saturday.  We’re just that good.)

Last time we updated you, the baby’s room was improving, but still far from paint:

We don’t have photos of the next stages, but let’s just say we used a big bucket of joint compound and a shop vac to suck up all the spackle dust. 

Finally, we were able to paint!  We picked Benjamin Moore’s Blue Ice as a wall color and Benjamin Moore’s White Chocoloate to paint the ceiling.  We used their “Natura” formula, which is VOC-free and baby-safe.  Krister removed the light fixture and painted the ceiling while Kristin worked on the walls.  Krister eventually took over for Kristin (aka Kristin needed a nap).  Krister also managed to find time to start fitting a window sill.

Here’s how the room looks now:

Obviously, we’re still a long way from putting a baby in there (regardless of whether the baby arrives early – thank goodness for a beautiful bassinet from the Joneses for a sleeping baby until the room is ready).  We still need to finish the window sills, add moldings and baseboard, replace the very pink doors, and bring in a new carpet since we completely destroyed the one that is in there now.

Our ultimate vision adds navy accents and dark brown funiture to the room to give it a sophisticated look.  We can’t wait until we reveal the finished product!

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