Wallpaper: 1; Jones Family: 0

The wallpaper may have won the battle but it will not win the war.

We spent all of our spare time for weeks trying to strip wallpaper with fabric softener & warm water.  This improvized wallpaper stripper worked well… when we could get it behind the multiple layers of paint.  Eventually, we resorted to chemical paint & wallpaper strippers (well, Krister did.  In a well ventilated room.  While Kristin was far, far away.)  As a result, after 6 weeks of work, the baby’s room looked like this:

Looking back, it’s worth a note on how we got involved in this project.  Kristin was prepping the walls for paint when she found that the paint was bubbling up and peeling.  She scraped it down in a few areas and uncovered the wallpaper.

As we got increasingly desperate to get rid of the wallpaper, Krister saw a new technique on HGTV that we immediately adopted: we’re covering the paint- & wallpaper-covered walls with dry wall.  The project will give us a fresh start and goes so much faster!  After about a day and a half of work, Krister managed to cover 90% of the room with dry wall.  All that’s left is spackle & sanding:

The cover-it-up approach is faster, easier, and WAY less messy.  Now, hopefully this room will be ready before the baby is…….

4 thoughts on “Wallpaper: 1; Jones Family: 0

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