The 8th Weekend in our House

Well, it’s been two months in our house.  Here’s how we spent our eighth weekend…


Krister finished installing the crown molding (look how tight that corner is!).  We’ll touch up the paint around the edge of the molding, where Krister caulked the small gaps caused by a far-from-straight wall.  There are a few other places we want to touch up anyway – shouldn’t be a long job!

All that’s left after that is installing the baseboard and hanging the new chandelier.


Kristin spent the weekend unpacking the rest of the boxes that were sitting in the basement (aka future movie room).  She cleaned every nook and cranny in the downstairs closet (aka future wine cellar) and the laundry room (aka future better laundry room).  Here are some pictures of how clean/empty it looks now:

In the photo below, the boxes on the left are trash that needs to be taken to the town dump (so they will be gone too soon).

Upstairs Hallway

Krister finished installing the shelf Kristin wanted in the hall closet (just high enough that the vacuum will fit underneath).  Then Kristin realized that she could have two shelves…  so next week we’ll buy a little bit more shelving.

Baby’s Room

The baby’s room got a new light fixture this weekend.  We will be selecting paint colors for the room this week, so we wanted to make sure the lighting was installed (so we can see how the colors will look in the brightly lit room).  We really like the new light fixture and can’t wait until the room is all ready for Seahorse!

We will paint those pink walls blue (which shade of blue will be decided this week). The plan is to have light blue walls, navy accents, and ocean-themed (that can easily be converted into a “big boy” theme over the next few years).  Dark brown furniture and built-in shelving to come soon.

Living Room

We put up six paint swatches so that we can start painting next weekend.  We’re focused on off-white yellows to balance out the bright orange kitchen and the dark brown furniture.  Just a few more green moldings to bring down…

That’s were we are after eight weeks in our house!  It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come after only two months, but we still have a long way to go before the baby comes in December.  Hopefully we’ll make it!

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