Another exciting reno weekend at the Jones house…

This was a big weekend for us.  We welcomed some new furniture into our home and finished our first project (albeit a small one).

First, the stuff you care about: our new couches!  We bought two new couches and a new rug for our living room, which were delivered last week.  Of course, we’re long from finished decorating (we haven’t even pulled down all of that green molding….) but it’s starting to look like a lived-in space.

The couch on the left is a twin-sleeper.  We wanted plenty of space for all of our visitors, and this is one more sleeping spot in case the guest rooms fill up.  The right couch is a regular sofa, covered in a plush microfiber (Gigi loves how soft it is).  You can see that the rug is a bit larger than the couches, because we’re going to be adding an end table on the far right.  You’ll notice the terra cotta orange in the rug – it picks up on the “sienna clay” (orange) we painted in our kitchen.  We have an ottoman on order, which we can’t wait to see in our space.  Next step: get an electrician in to install overhead lighting!

Organizing furniture wasn’t the only project this weekend.  We emptied more boxes and worked on the kitchen moldings (turns out that crown molding is difficult to install when your walls aren’t perfectly straight….).  In case you’ve forgotten what the kitchen/dining area looked like, here’s a reminder:

We’re hoping to have the electrician install a chandelier in the middle of the dining area to make the dining room feel more cozy and separate from the kithcen.  Kristin’s Grammie & Grampa will be handing down their dining table (THANK YOU!!!), but we will need to hunt down some fabulous chairs (to match our fabulous table and fabulous kitchen, of course).  But for the time being, the focus of the kitchen is moldings, moldings, moldings! 

The next photo is a preview of our changes in the dining room – this is the same door that you see towards the back of the kitchen/dining area in the above picture.  But with new paint and new moldings!

Oh, and we FINISHED OUR FIRST PROJECT!!!  That’s right, after three weeks, we actually finished the bathroom closet.  You may recall that over the last few weeks, we ripped out the shelves, spackled and sanded (and spackled and sanded), and painted the closet.  This weekend, Krister installed the new shelves (and Kristin filled them up with stuff!).  Here’s a picture of the new closet:

The hallway closet is almost finished (just needs shelves installed), but we ran out of shelving before that closet was completed.  By this time next week, hopefully you’ll see a photo of another closet!  (Exciting to us, even if it’s kind of boring to you….)

Other projects on tap for next weekend?  Mostly moldings.  Removing the green moldings from the living room and installing more moldings in the kitchen.  Maybe we’ll even start to consider living room paint colors….  although for the living room, we’re going to try and keep it relatively neutral (no competing oranges on the first floor).

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