And the unpacking begins…

This week, I took three half-days from work to focus on unpacking our boxes.  I haven’t gotten very far.

The Kitchen

I have managed to unpack most (hopefully) of our kitchen supplies.  Turns out we have a lot of kitchen supplies (because I love buying plates, mugs, appliances, and pretty much anything for a kitchen).  Most of our kitchen cabinets are filled.

Now we’re turning to the fun stuff.  Decorating!  For paint colors, we are currently torn between  a terra cotta and a warm brown.  We are also getting ready to replace the moldings with moldings that fit our style (and windows).  We will be adopting a walnut dining table from my grandparents that should fit perfectly with the color scheme…  but we still have to find the perfect set of chairs.

The Living Room

For those of you who saw photos of our living room, you will know that it is designed to be a “formal living room.”  We have little, if any, use for a formal living room, so we decided to convert it into a den.

Krister spent all day Monday running cable wires through our wall so that we can watch TV.  I may or may not have been having television withdrawal by that point, so this was a high priority.

From a decorating standpoint, we have picked a wall color, rug, and couch that we like.  It’s just a matter of time before we take the leap and buy it all.  We’re going to use painters tape to outline the footprint of the large sectional before we officially invest.  Then, off to Ikea to find some good bookshelves to put behind the couch.  The final touch here will be to update the moldings and window treatments.

The Master Bedroom

Unfortunately, the master bedroom is on the back-burner.  We have most of our clothes put away.  Krister ripped out the shoe rack (trust me, it was necessary) on Tuesday night.

The only “big project” we’re focused on right now in the master bedroom is installing an overhead light.  We are fortunate to have a ceiling fan equipped with wiring for an overhead light.  Unfortunately, the wiring does not work.  What started as a seemingly straightforward fix has turned into three trips to Home Depot and 36 hours of Krister’s time.  Hopefully it’ll work eventually!

Everything Else

We haven’t really touched anything else in the whole house.  Krister pulled up a rug in our future exercise room.  I’ll be replacing some closet shelves this weekend and hopefully unpacking more of the boxes taking up our basement next week.  We have a long list of home improvement projects awaiting us!

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